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name : Kelly Michael Stewart

d.o.b.: 73-02-11

likes: susan, music, sex, conquest

dislikes: meat, saying & not doing, hunting

hobbies: planning a Battlestar Galactica revival

food: fruit

drink: cider

animal: bears & dogs

place: under a warm blanket

experience: Christmas, Halloween

saying: "cool"

dream: regreting the past, falling

childhood memory: being in South Korea, arguing with a hooker (when I was 4), flying a plane over Quebec (also when I was 4).

perfect moment: sexual climax followed by a big bowl of berries

object: 12" record

clothing: sweater

film: star wars trilogy, anything by Kubrick, Dracula (FFC),Goodfellas, Jackie Brown, Titanic, Halloween, Godfather trilogy,

t.v.: simpsons, southpark, seinfeld, that 70's show,

actor: Marlon Brando,

actress: Emma Thompson, Helena Bonham Carter,

spice girl: sporty

best star trek movie: old crew- Khan, new crew-Insurrection

What plot of next Star Trek should be: DS9 or Voyager crossover

best Star Wars movie: Phantom Menance (maybe cuz its new still)

favorite scooby character: Shaggy

book/author: "Touching From a Distance", "Remains of the Day", "Whale Music"

band: cure, DM, new order, lush, KMFDM, mbv, cranes, smiths/moz, Peter Murphy, cocteau twins. switchblade symphony,

video: girls on film ( Duran Duran)

remix: "otherness" remixes done for the Cocteau Twins

worst remix: "lionrock mix" of 1963 for New Order

b-side: "This Twilight Garden" (the Cure)

line from a song: "crying for fun & profit, I ain't done yet" -More (Sisters of Mercy)

CG track: "Ritual"

Cuties: Kate Winslet, Rose McGowan,

First Album Owned: Big Bird Sings

Best Concert Seen: Cure in 96, DM in either 93 or 94.

Favorite Painting/Artist: "Woman I" by DeKooning

Favorite Magazine: NME (but I guess that's more of a newspaper)

Favorite Disney Movie: any of them that doesn't including blissfull singing

Latest CDs bought: Peter Murphy "Recall"

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