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From the CD "Oceans":



"Antique Valentine".......5.10


"Pale Faced Me" (Melting Man Main Mix) ......................5.02

"Antique Valentine" (Thick & Frothy MeM Mix)..............3.49

"Waves of Perfume" (Baby Fresh Scent Mix)...................4.42

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All wav. files are at PCM 8,000 Hz, 8bit Stereo

"Ritual" (551KB, length: 35.25 sec.)


bumping noses, invisible boundries, turning quickly, mirror's reflection shocks everytime

you'd think I'd learn, you'd think I'd learn

waves on the surface growing, glimpsing survival, I 've become distorted scherically,

sometimes sick of being pale faced me, I'm sick of being pale faced me

all the things you said to me fall apart, fall to the ground, I am not so beautiful when

you're not around

thoughts of you leave me.



I can feel the waves rising over my head, I am bobbing on the sea of endless despair,

who will rescue me, how shall I be saved, and do I want to give in to the waves

in the dark sky above me, open to the stars I can see you saying, you struggle but move on

how I love you and want to see you happy in my arms

the cold tears me down, I never seem to numb and I fear that one day I will, the people

around me are still as the dark, numb to themselves , numb to the world

do they never feel the pain of the water filling their lungs everyday?


throw yourself on the floor if it feels good, throw your mind out the door if it feels good,

but it never does, it never does

feel the anger growing over nothing, straighten your clothes to make it right, frustration

always bends the wrong way, toward you

bang your head 'til someone hears you, stratch yourself 'til the blood flows, dtown yourself

'til the breathe leaves you cursing the world as you sink below

everything touches you, too deep , too hard , too much, everything invades you, never

escapes you.


stuck in the town where I was born, grey and dismal the buildings rise, shiver in the street

alone, knowing this is not my home

no time for fantasy, this reality, spiralling circle of inbetween life, concentrate all my

efforts on you, so I can see you make it to the other side

give up all the little things, maybe someday I'll have the time, and you , my love if I could

work on you all day I would

ego and self loathing battle, drowning me at every turn, weakness invades all my muscles,

praying I'm able to finally learn

my mind turns to thoughts of you, "Sitting here I'm wasting my time, I need to make you

stronger now, so I can get out of here alive"

this is my song.


every moment inching closer, wanting to be next to him, offer this epistle to him,

neighbour shyness moves away,

don't we all want that to be true

lacy doilles cut with care, hard red heart shaped candies, naked cherubs tote their arrows,

words of love are trumpted, claims that feelings never die preserved in this

glass frame, you are mine antique valentine

scribbling poems in his notebook, borrowed looks in her path, radiance captured on the

page immortalized without her knowing

don't we all want that to be true.


you are mine, you always will be, I see you now, but you can't see me , and I will always

know what your thinking, and I will always know what your doing, and when

you're being naughty to someone else but me

you cannot hide, I will always find you, everything you do, you do because I let you,

I am in control, control of the situation, and you don't even know, you think

you are alone

I've been watching you from the back corner, hoping you would notice me, praying that

you won't see me, I've been alone in my mind, sitting in the dark, waiting,

waiting, waiting, I don't know what for.



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