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name: Susan Rebecca Morton

d.o.b.: 75-07-11

likes: Kelly, music,movies, italian food, being right

dislikes: meat, not being right, homophobia, the fact that there is no good clothing made for curvy women, stalkers

hobbies: reading, dancing, singing along with other people's songs, cooking when I have a chance, sitting in the corner and crying

food: any vegetarian italian food esp. panzerotti, chocolate, most anything spicy

drink: vodka and tonic, good wine, coke, raspberry iced tea

animal: my puppy maggie, kelly's puppy rudy, all dogs, pot bellied pigs, kittens, everything

place: home

experience: writing music/lyrics, playing live, shagging, Christmas

saying: quwhata, quios que le hutch, what up baby

dream: meeting morrissey (but what would I say)

childhood memory: following my brother around

perfect moment: still waiting

object: cd Oceans, teddy bear, my Morrissey vinyl, my books

clothing: my comfy jammies, anything anyone says I look good in

film: "Blow Up" by Antonioni

t.v.: the Simpsons, Southpark, Friends, Seinfeld, Martha Stewart ( yes, she's so psycho I find her relaxing), Monty Python

actor: Kevin Kline, Michael Palin,

actress: Emma Thompson, Helena Bonham-Carter

spice girl: Geri (ginger spice) for fun, Mel C (sporty spice) for vocals

best star trek movie: The Wrath of Khan (Khannnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!) or maybe Insurrection

What plot of next Star Trek should be: Q

best Star Wars movie: Empire Strikes Back

favorite scooby character: Velma (the smart one)

book/author: book: Lux the Poet by Martin Millar, As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner author: Oscar Wilde, Mordecai Richler

band: us, Morrissey, the Sundays, the Cure, NIN, Download

video:"I'm Afraid of Americans" Bowie with Trent Reznor and any videos that are subtle, black and white, classic and quiet

remix: Baby Fresh Scent mix

worst remix: I don't know

b-side: This Twilight Garden (the Cure) or Yes, I am Blind (Morrissey)

line from a song: "tried living in the real world instead of shell...but I was bored before I even began" from Shoplifters of the World, "Everyday is Like Sunday", "everything I said was wrong" from Here's Where the Story Ends, the Sundays

CG track: Any of the kick ass stuff I've been working on. I fucking rock!

Cuties: Trent, Brian Molko, (do we sense a trend, shoulder length black hair? similar black clothing styles? blue eyes?) and maybe even Jarvis Cocker

First Album Owned: Rio Duran Duran

Best Concert Seen: 2 of the Cure shows I've seen , 1989 and 1996 , and The Sundays.

Favorite Painting/Artist: Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelors, even (Duchamp) , DeKooning, Matisse, alot of early 20th century stuff, Michelangelo - Pieta (oops that's not a painting)

Favorite Magazine: Select, Q

Favorite Disney Movie: Sleeping Beauty

Latest CDs bought: Placebo - Without You I'm Nothing, and if I can ever find it Love & Rockets - Lift , and looking forward to new NIN and Underworld

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